Construction Single Heated

Construction Single Heated

Ampot decided in early 2010 that there was a market for a heated single restroom that was a little less expensive than a full-on porcelain toilet and sink heated restroom.  We played around with some ideas and built a proto-type that led to what we now refer to as a Construction Single Heated restroom.  We took the tank and sink from the Signature line of plastic portable toilets and built them into a proper heated restroom.  So you now have a fresh water flushing toilet with a fresh water sink in a more compact design for a more reasonable price than we could ever offer before!

We’ve been blown away by the response to these new units.  They’ve been very popular on smaller job sites where heated units are desired.  Also, many landscapers who plow in the winter and need a toilet for their yard have been happy to have an alternative to a plastic portable toilet.  Trucking yards, gravel pits, equestrian venues – there are so many scenarios where a unit like this just fits the bill! 

These units are custom built by Ampot and prices always include weekly service.  Delivery is extra and is quoted based on distance.  Call us today for your personalized quote.

Ampot keeps a large fleet of these always ready – delivery is guaranteed the next business day.


  • Compact, functional and comfortable to use
  • Self-contained for water and sewage – no hook-ups required
  • Unit is heated and has an exhaust fan
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Mirror above the sink
  • Coat hook


  • Requires just one 110V, 15AMP power supply
  • Has a small 5′ x 5′ footprint on your job site