Comfort Inn Wheelchair Accessible Units

Comfort Inn Wheelchair Accessible Units

Ideally suited for guests with mobility issues, these spacious portables offer ground level access, wider door openings and hand flush mechanisms. This ‘function before fashion’ unit offers users much more available interior space than a conventional ‘stand alone’ portable, allowing for a wheelchair turning radius or accommodating a mobility aid.

Additionally, fixtures within the unit are mounted at a lower level for convenient access and support.  However, in an effort to keep the maximum allowable space unobstructed, there are no hand wash sinks or urinals within the unit. Each Comfort Inn portable restroom is equipped with waterless alcohol hand cleansing dispensers.

* A stand alone (2 or 4 sided) hand wash station is a recommended addition to any Comfort Inn rental and may be a municipal requirement in your area.  

** Please Note: The type of function, duration of the event, whether alcohol is served, average age of guests and even the time of year needs to be taken into consideration in matching the capacity of a unit to the requirements of an event.


  • Unobstructed, spacious interior permits 360° wheelchair radius
  • Convenient stainless steel grab bars
  • Hand sanitizing gel and toilet seat cover dispensers
  • Stylish tan/grey in colour
  • Ground level floor access
  • Heavy-duty door closure with adjustable door closing speed



  • Approximately 140 uses
  • 22 Gallon/83 litre fresh water capacity
  • 33 Gallon/124 litre fresh water capacity
  • 8’H X 5.5’W X 5.5’D
  • Dry weight: 196lbs./89kg
  • Laden weight: 559lbs./254kg