Ameri-Can 818 Oasis - this unit is currently on a rental until the end of October, 2013

The Oasis series of restroom trailers is the middle of the luxury line of trailers.  It is one step below the Royale Series.  The main difference is that the toilets are in in regular metal stalls - in the royale series they are each in stalls that are more like a seperate room.  This is a great unit for a wedding, large back yard party or a corporate event - even a great unit for a company with a water shut-down that needs to provide washrooms for employees that look like the ones at the office.

This unit can accommodate up to 350 people for an event. It has 2 private entrances, a men's and a ladies. The men's side has 1 flushing toilet, 3 waterless urinals, vanity/mirror & sink. The ladies side has 3 flushing toilets, vanity/mirror & sink. The trailer can service 35 people per stall / per hour and 70 men / hour per individual urinal.

This unit features a 654 gallon waste holding tank & a 275 gallon self-contained water tank. You can also attach a garden hose to the unit to provide water. Great for locations that are not able to hook up a garden hose.

This trailer is almost the same as the 817 Ameri-Can with the exception that it has an additional toilet on the ladies side. This allows you to accommodate slightly larger crowds without a lineup on the ladies side.

Two 110v plugs are located on roadside of the unit.  Both these plugs must be connected to a separate 20amp 110v electrical service to run the A/C and the lights & fans.  Unit has a standard 3/4" brass garden hose fitting - although the unit is self-contained it is easier to hook up to a hose if you have it available.

Portable Toilet Rental Toronto Ontario

Highlighted Amenities:

  • accommodate up to 350 people
  • 2 private entrances; men's, women's
  • air conditioning and heating
  • interior and exterior lighting
  • full size mirror above each sink
  • warm water chrome faucets
  • oak trim throughout
  • lovely soft yellow wall panels
  • 2 - 20 AMP/110V plugs for fans, lights & A/C

This unit is equipped with a 13,000 BTU roof mounted air-conditioner - if you don't have access to 20amp power you can still run the unit without the A/C.