Ameri-Can Dooley Royale

The Dooley is a perfect, affordable trailer for small backyard occasions for up to 140 people.  The self-contained unit features a 125 gallon on board water holding tank and a 400 gallon sewage holding tank.   Works well for that special birthday or anniversary party, small wedding or a small high end corporate event.

For a weekend event it is usually delivered before the tents go in and removed on the Monday following the event unless you specify otherwise. The finishes on this unit are pretty high end - it's also the only unit that is not white on the outside - but a very classy pewter in colour.


Highlighted Amenities:

  • 6' wide by 12' long compact, yet stylish
  • self-contained. on-site water not necessary
  • air conditioning and heating if needed
  • interior and exterior LED lighting
  • full size mirror above each sink
  • chrome water faucets
  • lighted occupancy signals
  • dramatic dark wood with grey and white on walls
  • 2 - 15 amp - 110 volts used for the fans, lighting & A/C

Power Requirments

There are 4 x 15 AMP plugs in total on this trailer:
#1)  Rear heat + converter
#2)  Air Conditioning (summer) Front heat (winter)
#3) Water Heater (optional, otherwise water is room temperature) + water pump
#4) Winter heating system
* Summer requirments - minimum of 2 plugs each on 15 amp circuits (30amps total) to run A/C, pump, lights.  Maximum of 3 plugs (45 amps total) to run everything including the hot water heater.

* Winter requirements - minimum of 3 plugs totalling 15 amps,  Maximum of 60 amps with the hot water heater.
All of the plugs are standard 3 prong plugs as pictures below.