Ameri-Can 820 Royale

The 820 Royale is the top of the Ameri-Can line of restroom trailers.  It is our largest and most luxurious restroom trailer offered for rental.  The biggest upgrade is that each toilet is in a completely separate room with a door.  The finishes are top of the line as you can see from the pictures below.  Compared to the Ameri-Can 818 - this trailer has one more toilet on the men's side.

This unit can accommodate up to 350 people for an event.  It has 2 private entrances, a men's and a ladies.  The men's side has 2 flushing toilets, 3 waterless urinals, vanity, mirror & sink.  The ladies side has 3 flushing toilets each in their own compartment, vanity, mirror & sink.  Generally speaking each toilet stall can accommodate 35 people per hour and each urinal can accommodate 70 men per hour.

This unit features a 800 gallon waste holding tank & a 275 gallon self-contained water tank.  You have the option to attach a garden hose to provide unlimited water.  The 820 Royale is usually 20 feet long but this one is actually 22 feet long - the fresh water tank adds to two feet to the length - great for locations that are not able to hook up a garden hose.

Two 110v plugs are located on the roadside of the unit. These plugs must be connected to a separate electrical service, 30amp to run the A/C and 15amp to run the lights & exhaust fans and standard 3/4" brass garden hose fitting.

The best comment you will hear at your event is:  "This trailer is nicer than my home!"  People never fail to be impressed!

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Highlighted Amenities:

  • accommodates 350+ people
  • 2 private entrances; men's, ladies
  • air conditioning and/or heating
  • interior and exterior lighting
  • full size mirror above each sink
  • completely upgraded interior
  • exclusive burgundy & dark wood interior

Power Requirments

There are 4 x 15 AMP plugs in total on this trailer:
#1)  Rear heat + converter
#2)  Air Conditioning (summer) Front heat (winter)
#3) Water Heater (optional, otherwise water is room temperature) + water pump
#4) Winter heating system
* Summer requirments - minimum of 2 plugs each on 15 amp circuits (30amps total) to run A/C, pump, lights.  Maximum of 3 plugs (45 amps total) to run everything including the hot water heater.

* Winter requirements - minimum of 3 plugs totalling 15 amps,  Maximum of 60 amps with the hot water heater.
All of the plugs are standard 3 prong plugs as pictures below.