Custom Built Heated Restroom

Ampot has begun to produce a limited number of customized heated restrooms for a more exclusive client with a more specific or discriminating need.  A builder that wants to project a certain upscale look for their sales pavilion will want some say in what the restrooms look like.  In certain cases we are able to customize that look while meeting all the needs and amenities that people expect.

Portable Toilet Rental Toronto Ontario
Floor Plan .pdf - Click here...

Possible Amenities:

  • self-contained for water and sewage
  • heated with a air circulation fan
  • interior and exterior lighting
  • full size mirror above each barrier free sink
  • porcelain low-flow toilets
  • 15 or 30 amp - 110 volts for the fans, lights & heater
  • outside paneling can be finished to match building

All customized restrooms are quoted individually on an as needed basis and assume a minimum rental of 12 months.